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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Liquor Sales Steady in Spite of Economy

We didn't want this holiday article to slip by unnoticed. Back in December, the Denver Post reported that Colorado liquor sales remain steady, although consumers are steering towards box wine and well drinks over high-end vintage vino and top shelf liquors. Oh yeah, there are mentions of Western slope establishments like Peach Street Distillers and Crossroads Wine & Liquors in Grand Junction.

Under the headline, "Alcohol Sales Have Survived Despite a Slow Economy, But Tastes Are Shifting: Quantity Over Quality," Post Reporter Nancy Lofholm writes:

Customer numbers at Colorado liquor stores aren't down and liquor excise taxes are up 7 percent this year, lending credence to the old saw that people continue to imbibe in tough times. But liquor store owners and liquor industry officials say drinkers are avoiding high- end spirits in favor of more moderately priced goods."

"Or if they can't stand to give up their ultra anejo tequila and single-malt scotch, they may buy it in smaller quantities."

"I've never seen an environment like this," said Jim Smith, president of Republic National Distributing Co., who predicts that by the time the tinsel comes down, liquor retailers will have had a decent overall season."

"But their revenues just might come more from $20 premium boxed wines. Sales of the penny-wise cartons have jumped 40 percent in the past month, according to a survey by A.E. Nielsen. Or from economy vodka, which the survey showed has jumped 7 percent while sales of luxury vodkas have declined."

"There are people out there that this downturn hasn't even bothered, but then there is the guy who would buy the $25 bottle of wine and is now buying the $10 bottle," said Daveco Liquors manager Ted Sutton."

"No one has plunked down $13,000 for the store's priciest bottle of 55-year-old scotch. The last five-figure bottle of booze to sell there went out the door this summer before the economy really tanked."

Check out the rest of this article here.

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