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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Wine Country Inn Near Grand Junction, Colorado

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Common Typos When Searching for Wine in Colorado

We've noticed a lost of goof ups when searching the Internet. It's easy to transpose letters and end up with wacky search results. Take a deep's O.K. to be "typographically challenged." From time to time, we all suffer from the fastest fingers syndrome; we type too fast and get an incorrect search result. Here are a few of the errors that we've caught.

There are many different ways to misspell “winery.” Amongst this list are: Inery, iwnery, wwinery, wnery, wniery, wiinery, wiery, wienry, winnery, winry, winrey, wineery, winey, wineyr, winerry, and winer. All are considered typos.

Common ways to spell “Colorado” wrong include olorado, oClorado, Clorado, Cloorado, Coorado, Coolrado, Colrado, Colroado, Coloado, Coloardo, Colordo, Colordao, Colorao, Coloraod and Colorad. (And from the postal code, don't forget "OC").

Typos for “wine” are legion. Incorrect spelling includes (but is not limited to): ine, iwen, wein, wwine, wnier, wine, winn, niwe, wine, and eniw.

“Country” is another word that unfortunately is frequently, linguistically mangled. Recurring mistakes are: ountry, ocuntry, countyr, cuontry, and counytr.

Mistakes for "Inn" are fewer, as there are fewer letters. Mistakes include nin and nni. There are fewer variations because there are only three letters. The word, “hotels” has many permutations: otels, htels, hoels, hotls, hotes, hhotels, hootels, hottels, hoteels, hotells, hotelss, ohtels, htoels, hoetls, hotles and hotesl.

Our very own hometown of Palisade can be mangled, mashed, used and abused in oh so many ways:

alisade, Plisade, Paisade, Palsade, Paliade, Palisde, Palisae, Palisad, PPalisade, Paalisade, Pallisade, Paliisade, Palissade, Palisaade, Palisadde, Palisadee, aPlisade, Plaisade, Pailsade, Palsiade, Paliasde, Palisdae, Palisaed, and Palisad e.

But the Grand Daddy of all word scrambles comes from the town nearby this blog, "Grand Junction". Because has so many letters, it can misspelled so many ways: rand Junction, Gand Junction, Grnd Junction, Grad Junction, Gran Junction, Grand unction, Grand Jnction, Grand Juction, Grand Juntion, Grand Juncion, Grand Juncton, Grand Junctin, Grand Junctio, GGrand Junction, Grrand Junction, as well as Graand Junction, Grannd Junction, Grandd Junction, Grand JJunction, rGand Junction, Garnd Junction, Grnad Junction, Gradn Junction, Gran dJunction, Grand uJnction, Grand Jnuction, Grand Jucntion, and Grand Junctoin.

A decent spell checker program can avoid problems with all of these phrases. E-mail us if you can think of any more! Thankfully, Google usually corrects the results and offers a “Did you mean to search for:” link.

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