Talk Colorado Wine & Colorado's Wine Country: And Now, A Sentinel Sermon on Drinking Colorado Wine

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Now, A Sentinel Sermon on Drinking Colorado Wine

Earlier in the year, we reported on Time Magazine's coverage of wine in all 50 states, where Plum Creek was mentioned as the Colorado entry. Apparently, several someones sat up and took notice. Grand Junction Daily Sentinel writer Dave.Buchanan took exception to this article, as did several wine aficionados around the blogosphere. Under the headline, "No Law Says All Good Wine Comes From California," Buchanan writes:

"Drink local."

"That means us, since we’re the ones in control of what we drink.

"The movement to eat locally has another focus: Learning to drink locally, too.

"The concept really is the same. Know what you’re drinking by getting to know the people producing the wine you put on your table and share with friends.

"One of the provocateurs of the idea, wine writer Jeff Siegel, writing on a Web site titled drinklocalwine, says the idea was to get a range of writers to talk up local wines, as long as the wines aren’t from California.

“Because it’s about time regional wine got the respect it deserved,” says Siegel, who blogs under the name The Wine Curmudgeon (

“Yes, some of it still tastes like it was made from grapes strained through sweaty socks, but much of it is as competently made as anything from California.

“'I regularly do blind tastings with regional wine; the people who taste it think the stuff they’re drinking is from California or Australia. These wines don’t deserve the ‘Time magazine’ treatment.'

"He goes on: 'Because we should drink regional wine. There is no law that says all wine has to come from California.'

"The 'Time magazine’ treatment” to which Siegel refers is an article written earlier this year by Joel Stein in which Stein reviews 50 American wines.

"Not only is Stein’s piece 'flawed' and sprinkled with 'factual errors,' Siegel says, but 'Stein seems more concerned with being flip and hip and other clever things than he does talking about wine.'”

You can read the rest of the Buchanan article here.

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